Here’s a look through the open and vibrant facilities in GSTC

GSTC library is furnished with every fashionable and cheerful decor suited to enhance students creativity while containing plentiful of resources as a reading material accessible to students. There is a registration counter to aid students in finding the right resources . In addition, the library is also equipped with a newspaper reading area, in order for students to be able to keep up to date to the latest general knowledge.

Lecture Rooms

Lecture room is where most students spend their time in campus. All of the lecture rooms ceilings are mounted with an LCD projector with an automated wide screen in front of the class, air-conditioned and can fit more than 40 students in a class.


GSTC also put together a student lounge in campus so that student can relax and unwind while waiting for class. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, charging corner and comfortable sofas perfect for group discussions among students.


GSTC Laboratories is equipped with all the required experimental setups, spacious full-fledged laboratories and workshops, provide students the opportunity to develop and refine their technical skills. Staffed by trained instructors, it is conducive to the faculty and students development, reinforces what the students learn in their classroom and students are encouraged to conduct new experiments beyond their syllabus, based on their learning.

Utility Labs

GSTC utility labs are attended by a technical staffs to ensure every tools and equipment are at its optimum capacity. GSTC also updates equipment and tools every year, assuring students to get the most advanced and latest technological tools all year around.

MPP Room

An MPP room is at the left side of the student lounge. There is a round table and air conditioning with a whiteboard for use. It can fit more than 10 people for discussions. Student Representative Council meets at least five times a year in order to discuss issues important to students. They put forward motions which are usually inspired by change that the members and students want to see happen at the campus.


GSTC provides an ample sized musolla for students who wish to pray in between classes. The musolla is air conditioned, fit with audio system and ablution space. For female students, GSTC also provides free telekung to wear in the musolla.


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