The Student Services Department is established to provide support for Geospatial Science and Technology College’s student activities through student service and welfare, student development, career guidance and counseling services.

We educate and facilitate students to receive a balance life while remaining comfortable and cheerful in GSTC, excel in both academic and personal development. We want to provide comprehensive services and facilities that boost the development of intellectual, spiritual and emotional aspects of our students.

The main aim of Student Services Department is to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging environment for academic success and individual development of our students. We understand that being a College student might need to adapt to new style of living atmosphere while keeping up the right momentum and spirit to achieve the dream career. This is one of the reasons why we chose to offer a range of support services to help students to meet some of the challenges they may experience as college students and want them to enjoy while studying here. We always hope you will become successful people, tomorrow true leaders and outstanding individuals in your professions as well as in your personal life.