– Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 3 : Geomatics and Land Surveying (BC-060-3-2013)DETAIL
– Certificate in Geomatics (MQA/FA 4371)DETAIL
– Certificate in Geomatics (Part Time) (MQA/FA 4371)DETAIL
– Diploma in Geomatics (MQA/FA 5052)(N/581/4/0057)(15/09/2014-14/09/2019)DETAIL
– Diploma in Geomatics (Part Time) (MQA/FA 5052) – DETAIL
– Diploma in Geographic Information Science (In Progress)DETAIL
– Diploma in Accounting (In Progress)DETAIL
– Diploma in Business Study (In Progress)DETAIL

New Calendar Academic July 2019

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